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Cashflow is the backbone of the business

Use our tools to manage your cashflow efficiently

Why do we need a Cashflow Toolkit?

The term "cash flow" describes the flow of cash into and out of a company during a given time frame. It is an important metric for assessing a company's financial stability and capacity to pay debt, keep up with commitments, and make growth-oriented investments.  

Our customised Cashflow Toolkit helps you to understand efficient ways to Record, Understand, Manage and Improve your Cashflow.

What's in the Toolkit?
  1. A Self-explanatory Cashflow Handbook with all the information and guidance you need to understand Cashflow

  2. An Cashflow Management EXCEL TOOL with an instruction manual, which is sufficient for a small to medium business to record and review its day to day cashflow.

Get your free Cashflow Toolkit now!

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