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Payroll Pricing Calculator

Explore our Pay per Employee Pricing

All about Payroll Pricing Calculator

Simply Fill in the details and download the calculator!


With this calculator, you can calculate the exact Pricing of our Payroll Processing service for your requirements. These prices will also help you to compare the cost of Outsourcing the Payroll process to us vs managing it with an inhouse employee.

In most of the cases, outsourcing cost is significantly less compared to hiring resources in house. The Pay-per-Employee pricing also helps small size companies to reduce their compliance costs.

Information you will need to use the calculator :
  1. Number of Employees

  2. Frequency of Payroll (We will help you to figure it out if you do not know this yet)

  3. Do you need us to handle your employee's Pensions 

  4. If you are into Constructions Business, do you need CIS Filings 

Download our Payroll Pricing Calculator!

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