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EORI Registration in the UK (Overview)

An EORI number is required if you run a business in the United Kingdom and import or export merchandise. Businesses that participate in international trade are required to register and receive a unique identity known as an EORI number. This post will explain what an EORI number is, why getting one is crucial, and how to apply for one.

What are EORI numbers?

Businesses that conduct trade within the European Union are required to obtain an EORI number (EU). It's a tool for monitoring the flow of commodities within the EU and between EU member states and the rest of the globe. The European Commission implemented the EORI system to improve supply chain security, streamline trade procedures, and reduce red tape.

Why is it important to have an EORI number?

There are many situations in which an EORI number is crucial.

For starters,

It's a must if your business deals with the European Union. Failure to register for an EORI number could result in delays or even fines.


While filing customs forms for importing or exporting products, an EORI number is essential. This encompasses both business and personal pronouncements.

Last but not least,

Customs officials will utilise an EORI number to track down enterprises engaging in unlawful trade practices like smuggling.

Procedures for Applying for an EORI Number

The process of obtaining an EORI number is pretty simple :

Identify whether you require an EORI number - If you are involved in any form of trading activity within the EU, an EORI number is required. Some examples of this are shipping items internationally and selling them online.

Get all of your information together - Provide your company's name, address, and VAT number, as well as a few other pieces of information, in order to register for an EORI number.

Complete the registration form - an EORI number can be applied for via the UK government's online portal. You should be able to fill out the registration form in a few minutes because of how simple it is.

Wait for your number - Your EORI number may not be granted immediately after you submit your registration form; please be patient. Be sure to check your inbox frequently, since that is where your number will be sent to you.


An EORI number is crucial for any company conducting business within the European Union (EU). It's the law, and if you don't do it, you can be in trouble. Requesting an EORI number is a breeze, and it may be done entirely online using the UK government's portal. By taking the time to register for an EORI number, you'll be able to trade with confidence, knowing that you're compliant with all the necessary regulations.

How Punchhole can Help you?

Our expert team can help you get an EORI number and understand its related compliances.

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